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Il V Moro - Pizzeria


Pizza craftmen. Il V Moro, in Garibaldi street, knows all the secrets of rising for a perfect dough. And that's exactly from that dough that it is possible to obtain a stunning slice of pizza . With a perfect thickness,a crispy crust outside, soft inside and highly digestible. In this little family-run pizza place,  dough undergoes a slow rising that lasts from 36 to 72 hours. We use only mozzarella , the finest high quality wheat and ingredients which are always fresh. V Moro slices of pizza are the equivalent of a gourmet dish of a Michelin star restaurant. Batch after batch, the result is on the plate and in the customers’ satisfaction! Pizza for very sophisticated palates, fried food and delicacies like “supplì”, small rice balls of our own production, delicious temptations absolutely to try!. A rich menu made with first-choice ingredients and organic rising, passion, professionalism and joy.

Opening hours: 9:00.14:00 16:00-22:00

We accept reservations

Day off on Tuesday and on Sunday morning


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